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    Obzirom da danas počinje vikend, sigurno će vam biti problem da uđete na arenu, iz tog razloga samo danas možete osvojiti slot na Arena 1v1 serveru. Sve što treba da uradite je da otvorite link ispod: app.c4.rs/steaminvite I uradite kao na slici: Nakon toga, napišite vaš steam ID u ovom topicu i sačekajte da vas administratori provere. Ako je provera uspešna, dobićete slot i bićete obavešteni u privatnim porukama. NAPOMENA: Potrebno je da pozovete SVE prijatelje, ako ne uspete iz prvog pokušaja, probajte još nekoliko puta.
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    Brz oporavak burazeru
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    Au brate , ako ti tako nastavi ima da nam u X-Men odes. Nadam se Jos brzim Oporavkom
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    Posledice, sa kojima se i dalje borim. -.-
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    Zombie Escape server rules Made by Rognus, Hobbitten 1. English is only allowed in voice chat (If you want to type any other languages use text chat). 2. Knifing Zombies towards Humans is not allowed and can be punished with kick or ban. 3. If a Human and a Zombie is teaming in any way that will lead to slay. 4. Spamming text chat or voice chat then you will be gagged/muted for your actions. 5. Pretending to be an admin will lead to high amount of mute or even ban. 6. Scamming is not allowed on the server if someone is trying to scam they will be banned for their actions. 7. No Cheats, exploits or 3rd party tools that give you an unfair advantage over other players. 8. Don't be disrespectful to other players or Admins. This includes sexism, any kind of discrimination, or racism. 9. No recruiting or advertising for other servers in here. 10. No name impersonation of ANYONE. 11. If you are caught trying to crash or lag the server you will be permanently banned. 12. Do not leave the server if you are the last Mother Zombie it will lead to a ban. 13. Do not sit in spectator mode if the server is full it will lead to a kick. 14. Listen to Admins; They have the final say. 15. No edging. "Edging" is when a player sits on the edge of a hold point, leaving himself vulnerable to the Zombies. Once infected, edgers attack nearby Humans, causing a chain reaction which usually results at the end of the round. 16. Do not purposely become a Zombie. Admins will enforce this rule with an intensity dependent on available Zombie items, the number of spawn Zombies or simply just the nature of the map. 17. Door-hugging. The act of looking at a door while not defending at a hold point, don't do it. Steam group Discord Forum Facebook Youtube
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    Igraj aktivno mesec dana pa onda postavi zahtev.