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  1. eirik873

    my staff application

    Hi im gonna deny you for now. Because i dont know you to well and some of my fellow admins didnt recomend you. -Dank
  2. eirik873

    Application as a Surf Admin

    HI havent seen u online so right now im gonna deny this apply. -Dank
  3. eirik873

    Staff application (LethalKingz)

    Hello im gonna have a interview tomorrow. -dank.
  4. eirik873

    Admin application [60289]

    Cool lets have a interview tomorrow. Please send me a pm on discord when u have the time so its easy for me to find u. -Dank.
  5. eirik873

    Pepsi dog's admin application

    Hey at the moment we arent looking for new admins *update we are looking for new admins and i want to talk to you tomorrow. -Dank
  6. eirik873

    Admin apply

    Hey at this point the admin team is getting pretty big so im not taking inn any new admins for the time being. -dank
  7. eirik873

    Become Admin

    at this time we have a big admin team and i dont take anymore admins for a while. -dank
  8. eirik873

    Become Admin

    hey bro i think u need a bit more experience on the surf server so im gonna Deny this for now - Dank
  9. eirik873

    Krishay's admin application

    ill have a interview with you sometime soon -Dank
  10. eirik873

    Admin Application

    After a nice interview i want to say welcome to the admin team ! -dank
  11. eirik873

    Admin Application

    After a nice interview i have decided to welcome killa to the admin team. -Dank
  12. eirik873

    ThePilots admin application

    Hi ive looked up your stats and i see that you havent really been a very active player. -Denied
  13. eirik873

    S1mply the Best Admin Application

    Hey ive checked out your stats and i would like to see you play for a bit longer and get to know the other admins aswell. Try again in a few weeks.
  14. eirik873

    Admin Application

    coool as ive said ive seen u on. Im gonna have a interview with you on discord sometime not to long in the future. -Dank
  15. eirik873

    Admin Application

    hey bot, i've seen you on for and i know you are a nice guy. Ehm the apply is kinda outdated so im gonna link you this here and hopefully you can resend it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRK-oLncit26be2seqXVWi7J3A7j5VfXqiE1X-EfmhCn94rjuJSJfYywPlY7CtlT9zcVXkP8GLIg702/pub