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    thanks hamster
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    KiLLa wut do u mean man
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    Ingamename : HRxKilla Steam profile link: Where are you from? I am from Germany Timezone: UTC+1 (Central Europian Time) Age: 16 _________________________________________________________________________ What is your first language and do you know any other languages? My first language is German but i also speak English fluently Is there any staff & players that recommend you to be a staff? No not really Snow said i should apply but not really recommend it to me Do you have any previous admin experiences? Yes i do i am actually an Admin on the C4 Zombie Escape server How many hours a week do you have time to playing on our servers? Everyday but if something happens ill let everyone know on the Discord sever What days can/can't you play in the weeks. Everyday How long have you been with us on c4? I joined s few moths back on the C4 servers first i was on the ZE server and then i joined the surf and bhop. _________________________________________________________________________ Do you have any good qualities/skills that would make you stand out? Not really if you count Activity in then yeah im very active Why do you think you deserve to be a administrator of our servers I am very active on the server so i think that would be one of the reasons And i know all the rules needed to be a Admin What do you bring to the team. Are you good with other people for example? Yes im very calm and helpful, I could help people that need it and let them know about the rules for example _________________________________________________________________________ Mr.Rude is being racist he is shouting in the mic saying the n word he is sexist and rude what would you do in this situation? I would ban him immediately So you gave Mr.Rude a fitting punishment but he came back on another account and started doing what he does? What do you do in this situation? If he is ban evading then i mute him or just perm ban him again The players on the server feel like you are stupid for maintaining the peace for everyone and won't listen to you, what would you do in this situation? Ill ask them what their problem is if they continue on with that ill mute them .
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    Thanks man believe me I appreciate it
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    1.I know that for sure there cant be no Admin abuse. 2.No hacking(obviously) 3.No advertising 4.Respecting staff and players 5.Helping out players as much as one can 6.No Semitism racism... 7.Knowing what to do in certain situation(which commands to use and when) That's about it man but I can learn more if needed. Have a nice day
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    Real name: Haris IGN: HRxKilla I am from Germany and am 16 years old I have a enough experience with Counter Strike games. The first ZE server that I have been was in CSS like a few years ago. So I know what to do in ZE servers by now. I am very active on the C4 ZE server and would probably keep it that way. So I would be a helpful hand on the server for sure You can contact me on Discord and Steam my steam link is: And My Discord is:HRxKilla#5204 I am trying to be as active and up to date on the Discord as much as I can. I am sometimes busy with school though. I was never a Admin on a ZE server. The closest I got to being a Admin was "Admin Helper" sort of.I know most of the commands all though I forgot some because a lot of time passed but I will definitely try my best to improve and get back my skills that I had as a Admin and even more.