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    Ingamename Dankpool Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/kvdv96/ Where are you from? The Netherlands Timezone: UTC +1 Age: 21 _________________________________________________________________________ What is your first language and do you know any other languages? First language is Dutch and I know English and a tiny bit of German. Is there any staff & players that recommend you to be a staff? I think Djene believes in me. Do you have any previous admin experiences? A very long time ago on a San Andreas multiplayer server. How many hours a week do you have time to playing on our servers? I have a lot of time on my hands right now. What days can/can't you play in the weeks. None at the moment... How long have you been with us on c4? https://stats.c4.rs/players/csgo A couple of weeks now I think. _________________________________________________________________________ Do you have any good qualities/skills that would make you stand out? I'm active a lot and I don't think I would be unreasonable in my decisionmaking as an admin. Why do you think you deserve to be a administrator of our server? I would be able to be a good addition to the current admin team because I feel like there's a lot of Dutch/Belgian people coming to the server lately or maybe that's just in my head. What do you bring to the team. Are you good with other people for example? I'm very openminded and reasonable. _________________________________________________________________________ Mr.Rude is being racist he is shouting in the mic saying the n word he is sexist and rude what would you do in this situation? Instant ban So you gave Mr.Rude a fitting punishment but he came back on another account and started doing what he does? What do you do in this situation? Ban that account as well The players on the server feels like you are stupid for maintaining the peace for everyone and won't listen to you, what would you do in this situation? I'll direct them to the Discord if they have complaints about my decisionmaking. If they continue I will mute them for disrespecting an admin.
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    Application Dankpool

    Full Name (optional, we understand privacy). People call me kif sometimes, but Dankpool is fine too. Where you came from? I was looking for a surf server and found this one. How old are you? 22 I play it a lot lately. I like surf better than comp. I love to surf and hangout on the server. I smoke a lot of weed which means that I'm pretty chill and nice to hang out with. https://steamcommunity.com/id/kvdv96/ My friends played on the server before but they don't share my passion for surfing. I don't have prove of this.