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  1. Shone

    xbox one s

    Xbox jb nece nikada biti, posto je sve na cloud-u, bar koliko sam ja cuo. Mada ja sam PS dete
  2. Shone

    Procesor i maticna

    Haha sad vidim da si u junu postavio, budimo staru temu 😂
  3. Shone

    Procesor i maticna

    @LudiACE za 100e tesko, jedino da skupis jos para pa da trazimo
  4. Sto svi hejtujete toliko panoramu? Meni bas gotivna
  5. Shone

    CSGO problem

    Probaj ovo sto jel lik napisao ovde The only clue I got from forums was that it must be some process or notification that keeps poping up for less than a second thus not letting us notice the process and kill it. So, what I did was to kill explorer.exe from task manager and exit all apps on frontpage other than cs go to make sure that there is only cs go on alt+tab section. I launched the game and it suddenly switched to black screen (instead of empty desktop), so I pressed alt+tab and saw that there is one more app running but it cannot be opened thus causing black screen. It was RAVCpl64.exe (realtek hp audio manager) in my case. Now I have the name of the processor that causes the issue so I disabled it from the startup menu and everything went well.It could be a different process for you so check it out.
  6. Shone


    To je bag na dosta mapa, ne samo na toj. Do njega je doslo posle apdejta, @rale se trudi da resi to
  7. Shone

    Internet brzina

    Upload je los, ali moze proci @rale jel to ona orionova "optika" ?
  8. Shone

    Slike clanova foruma :)

    Uf @lesa dobra ti jakna, oces mi pozajmiti? Jel prava ili eko koza?
  9. Shone

    Pupg problem

    Kaze na guglu 'vako that error means after latest windows/GFX card upate it disabled hardwae acceleration so you need to re-enable it manually. (atleast i did and it works now)goto > Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Avalon.GraphicsIf you dont see "DisableHWAcceleration" Make a new DWORD Right click> New DWORD 32bitput the name "DisableHWAcceleration" and set the value to "0"0= on 1= off(i cant remember if i resarted computer after i did that but either way that enables it, i used this method after their latest patch because i went from playin the game all the time to getting this error hope it helps others) Pogledaj ovde isto pise, mozda moze pomoci
  10. Shone

    Website design

    Ako vec trazis posao, prilozis i neki portfolio valjda?
  11. Shone

    Skoro dzabe

    Aha, nisam skontao da je acc
  12. Shone


    Dobro dosao!
  13. Shone

    Skoro dzabe

    @lesa Nesto mi zvuci nemoguce ovo
  14. Shone

    Edit iz davnih dana

    Podrzavam skroz, ali ovo bilo 2015te
  15. Shone

    Edit iz davnih dana

    Nemoj da prikupljas lajkove na mom postu, sram te bilo!