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Hello my name is Dankmeister

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Hey guys i want to try to become admin on the c4 surf server because i enjoy surfing here and i see that there is alot of mic spammers and a bit to few admins on to mute them.
Past admin experience's ive been admin on horizon servers the biggest 85 tick server. 

I'm just gonna copy paste your settup here so im sure i get everything down

  • Pure past - ive never gotten muted and i think most pople like me.
  • Pure steam profile - My profile is clean :D
  • English speaking areas - If you understand this text, then you are eligible with this rule - yay xD
  • Experienced player CS:GO - Well ive been inactive on horizon for a while but im rank 78 out of 35k surfers
  • Donor - Each admin must be a donor, the minimum donation is 3 eur. More about donations: Check :D

Each application must contain the following:

  • Full Name ill just leave my first name here: Eirik
  • Where you came from? From Norway
  • How old are you? 22
  • How much experience do you have with CS: GO? almost 5100 hours oof...
  • Something about you. Im a chill guy decent at surf got no other tallents sadly.
  • Link of your Steam profile
  • Screenshot proof that you invited all the friends to our group. Got to many friends big oof :D


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