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Admin Apply for Raymax

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Ingamename: Raymax

Steam profile link:

Where are you from? Denmark

Timezone: CET

Age: 20

What is your first language and do you know any other languages? 

Danish, English, German

Is there any staff & players that recommend you to be a staff?
Talked to Dankmeister and he seemed intrigued
Do you have any previous admin experiences? 
Yes I used to have admin on small surf servers with my friends, and because I donated to the servers as well, was always on to help the server to be more community friendly, and im planning to keep to the same standards on C4.
How many hours a week do you have time to playing on our servers?
Approximately 3-5 hours a day, so probably around 28 hours a week.
What days can/can't you play in the weeks.

I can fortunetly play everyday

How long have you been with us on c4? 

Have lurked with my other accounts and really liked the community so I created this account to make it my main surf.

Do you have any good qualities/skills that would make you stand out?

I always want to help, speak fluent English so I can always keep up with whatever the situation is. I especially hate toxic environments so that will be my number one priority to execute.

Why do you think you deserve to be a administrator of our server?

I wouldn’t use the word deserve but I think I have the qualities and the interest to be an administrator and proud example of C4.

What do you bring to the team. Are you good with other people for example?

I would describe myself as a very social and friendly being.

Mr.Rude is being racist he is shouting in the mic saying the n word he is sexist and rude what would you do in this situation?
Probably ban for an hour or two and if he comes back and does the same he will get a perm ban.
So you gave Mr.Rude a fitting punishment but he came back on another account and started doing what he does? What do you do in this situation?
Ban him permanently again and try to keep and eye out for him and try to recognize his voice in other situations.
The players on the server feels like you are stupid for maintaining the peace for everyone and won't listen to you, what would you do in this situation? 

Tell them that’s the guide lines and if some don’t like it and begins complaining, giving them a mute and a warning.

Requirements and guidelines 
We require you to be in our steam group. 
The community has to respect you, and you have to be serious about this. 
You need to have discord, everything you need to know will be there and we need to be able to contact you.

We will also have a short interview with you on discord if we are interested in adding you.

Here are a link to admin guidelines:
Here is a link to the rules please read this.

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Cool! i like your apply, but i have told this to alot of people that apply sadly we need to have u a bit more on the server so we can learn how you are like and you get to know the community a bit more. Try to surf for a few weeks and we will go over the apply once more. 5 hours online time isnt enough sadly.

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