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Here is some information about this event:

The one whos going to lead the event: Hobbitten

Time: This Saturday 16-03-2019   19:00 7 PM (UTC +1)

Full Map Name: ze_Bathroom_v2_5

Full server name: C4.rs Zombie Escape [!knife !ws !gloves] [FDL][NOBLOCK] 1GBIT

Server IP:

Server IP: ze.c4.rs

Event Duration: 60-180 min if we don’t do it in time we will ask you guys that are on the server if you still want to win the event map.

Our Goal: To win the final stage of the map

Reward PREMIUM VIP: Stage 1 7 days stage 2 14 of premium vip

Rules: Server rules do not change at the time during the event.

We will be extra strict about mic spamming we will try to keep the mute until the event is over.

Invite all your friends for the event.

                                                                     If you have any questions about the event you can comment it down below.

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