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Staff application (LethalKingz)

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In game name: LethalKingz

Steam profile link:

Where are you from? Belgium, the beer and chocolate paradise.

Timezone: GMT +2 Brussels

Age: 19 (20 in a week or two ^_^)

What is your first language and do you know any other languages?

My first language is Dutch, I also speak English and understand a fair bit of French.

Is there any staff & players that recommend you to be a staff?

I know a couple of people on the server by now but I've never really brought up the subject of becoming an admin or asked them if they'd recommend me to.

Do you have any previous admin experiences?

Some little experience in the past on a small community TeamSpeak server. Also a small community discord server. (Mostly friends though and quite inactive as of now)

How many hours a week do you have time to playing on our servers?

Due to a job with shifting hours I can't be very active on weekdays. I'm mostly able  to sneak in an hour or 2 a day though. I'm mostly active on weekends where I sometimes play 5 hours a day if I feel like it.

What days can/can't you play in the weeks.

Exceptions aside (Real life business that has to be taken care of sometimes) I am able to play every day, some days I'm just less active than others. 

How long have you been with us on c4?

The first time I joined on the server was on the 28th of February. This is also my first Surf server I ever joined. Although I am fairly new to the server I have been active quite a bit and I already managed to get a playtime equal to about 4 days. (3 Days, 22 hours to be exact)

Do you have any good qualities/skills that would make you stand out?

I'm the type of guy that's patient enough to give a fair amount of warnings but also the type of guy that will act fairly hard once boundaries have been crossed. A good amount of fun on the server is always welcome, as long as it doesn't turn abusive or immature one way or another.  Other than that I'm also able to understand three languages so I can give a fair amount of help to non-English speaking people that have questions or need help in chat. 

Why do you think you deserve to be a administrator of our server?

Back in the golden days where Minecraft was king, I really wanted to become staff here and there to help servers and communities out. Unfortunately it never came to that though and now, after a couple of years, I really do feel ready to keep the peace and maintain the fun on a server by eliminating possible trolls and just generally helping out the C4 community. I've also become very familiar with the server rules since I've seen quite a bit of situations where staff members had to intervene. So familiar in fact that I did have some discussion and differences, more about this below at the end of my application.(1)

What do you bring to the team. Are you good with other people for example?

Whenever I play on the server I never leave without having a good or fun conversation with the people playing. Surfing doesn't really feel like a complete experience to me when you can't have a good laugh with some of the amazing lads that are active  on the server. So yes, I'd consider myself good with people. I also think another Dutch admin might help out since the playerbase does have quite alot of Dutch people, if I remember correctly there's only 2 Dutch staff members as of now(Dankpool and Hamster). It might also come in handy to have an addition to the staff team that isn't god tier (Managed to climb up to Expert recently) at surfing yet since there are some staff members that might be less active on the T1-2 server once the the harder tier maps roll out on the new server.

Mr.Rude is being racist he is shouting in the mic saying the n word he is sexist and rude what would you do in this situation?

Being racist doesn't have a place on this server and deserves an instant ban. If this is his first time crossing the line like this, I'd ban him for an hour. If he does it again after the one hour ban I'd ban him for 2 hours and so on.

So you gave Mr.Rude a fitting punishment but he came back on another account and started doing what he does? What do you do in this situation?

Double the bantime he received on his first account and also ban his second alt account for the same amount of time. For example, when he gets banned for 2 hours on his first account i'd add another 2 hours to the ban duration and also ban his second account for 4 hours.

The players on the server feels like you are stupid for maintaining the peace for everyone and won't listen to you, what would you do in this situation?

If they don't break any rules or cross any boundaries they can say whatever they want to me, I wouldn't mind. I would maybe try and explain them why I did what I did. Other than that i'd just ignore any possible remarks about me trying to do my job if they still don't get it after I explained them.

(1) I have already said before in the "Why do you think you deserve to be a administrator of our server?" that I did have differences about the server rules with staff, I have the possibility to not bring this up but I want to be as honest as possible. This was mostly concerning a situation with Krishay. Although I have not personally attacked him or called him any offensive words, I would like to apoligize for dragging out a conversation way too long for only the little that happened.


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